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Nov17For Kids’ Sports, Diversification Is Best

For Kids’ Sports, Diversification Is Best

If your kid is highly skilled at hockey but wants to try basketball, new research suggests you shouldn’t worry about whether that might cost your child a college scholarship. Researchers surveyed 91 professional and collegiate ice hockey players and found they tended to play multiple sports as children, and only started to focus solely on […]

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Nov16Health Highlights: Nov. 16, 2018

Health Highlights: Nov. 16, 2018

More Raw Turkey Products Recalled 246 Sickened in Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Recalled Ground Beef: CDC Allergen Fears Spur Tortilla Chip Recall by Whole Foods

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Nov16Can EpiPens Still Work After Freezing?

Can EpiPens Still Work After Freezing?

Your EpiPen will still work after being frozen, researchers report. The epinephrine auto-injector can be lifesaving in cases of severe allergic reaction, and millions of Americans carry the devices. In this study, researchers “took 104 same-lot pairs of [EpiPens] and froze one of each pair for 24 hours, while the other was kept at recommended […]

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Nov16Pets Can Double as Asthma Antidote

Pets Can Double as Asthma Antidote

The “hygiene hypothesis” holds that early exposure to a variety of microorganisms may decrease the risk for chronic inflammatory diseases, like asthma. Two Swedish studies that tracked 650,000 children found that exposure to farm animals and even dogs can have this kind of beneficial effect. Living on a farm cut kids’ asthma rate by half. […]

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Nov16Many Infants With Milk Allergy Seem to Outgrow It

Many Infants With Milk Allergy Seem to Outgrow It

Milk allergy affects more than half of American infants who have food allergies in their first year of life, a new study finds. However, study lead author Christopher Warren said, “Our findings suggest that while milk allergy is relatively common during infancy, many children are likely to outgrow their milk allergies. “We observed that while […]

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Nov16Dining Out With Allergies Is Tough, But These Steps Can Help

Dining Out With Allergies Is Tough, But These Steps Can Help

When you have serious food allergies, eating at a restaurant can literally mean risking your life. But new research suggests you can take steps to protect yourself when dining out. In fact, the more steps you take to protect yourself from exposure to the allergic substance, the less likely you are to have an allergic […]

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Nov16Health Tip: Treat Laryngitis

Health Tip: Treat Laryngitis

(HealthDay News) — When vocal cords become inflamed, it is more difficult to speak and the voice could sound hoarse, the Nemours Foundation says. The voice is produced by the processes of lengthening, shortening, tensing and relaxing the vocal cords. Laryngitis may be triggered by speaking or singing loudly, or by excess stomach acid that […]

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Nov16Health Tip: Safe Walking

Health Tip: Safe Walking

While taking a long, brisk walk is great exercise, you’ll need to pay extra attention if you’re walking along busy streets. Here are tips for pedestrians, courtesy of the New Jersey Division of Highway Safety: Only cross the street at a crosswalk. Pay attention to road signs and cars around you. Don’t assume that cars […]

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Nov16‘Huffing’ Deodorant Cost One Teen His Life

‘Huffing’ Deodorant Cost One Teen His Life

Aerosol products are found in every household but can be potential killers, doctors warn. Highlighting the dangers posed by “huffing,” Dutch physicians outline the tragic case of a 19-year-old who died after inhaling spray deodorant to get high. The teenager, who’d been in a residential drug rehabilitation program, died of cardiac arrest soon after, according […]

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Nov15Health Highlights: Nov. 15, 2018

Health Highlights: Nov. 15, 2018

Newer Nonstick Coating May Pose Health Threat: EPA Name-Brand Meds Driving Spike in U.S. Drug Spending Record Number of Tick-Borne Disease Cases in U.S. Last Year: CDC Primary Care Doctors Should Screen Adult Patients for Unhealthy Drinking: Task Force

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