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Jul21For Breast-feeding Working Moms, Co-Workers’ Support Is Key

For Breast-feeding Working Moms, Co-Workers’ Support Is Key

The support of co-workers is crucial for new mothers who want to continue breast-feeding after returning to work, a new study finds. Study author Joanne Goldbort, an assistant professor at Michigan State University College of Nursing, said co-worker support is critical for several reasons. In the workplace, a breast-feeding woman “has to work collegially with […]

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Jul20Money Matters

Money Matters

Money can’t buy you love, but it can come between you and your spouse if you don’t have open conversations about it. According to a poll of more than 1,300 Americans, couples who regularly talk about money — as often as once a week — are happier in their relationship than those who discuss finances […]

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Jul20Could Botox Cousin Combat the Opioid Epidemic?

Could Botox Cousin Combat the Opioid Epidemic?

A modified type of botulinum toxin — botox — gave mice long-term pain relief and may someday be a safer alternative to opioids as a treatment for chronic pain, according to British researchers. They “deconstructed” the botulinum molecule and reassembled it with an opioid called dermorphin. The resulting compound — called Derm-BOT — silenced pain […]

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Jul20Study Confirms Added Cancer Risk for Diabetics, Especially Women

Study Confirms Added Cancer Risk for Diabetics, Especially Women

The increased risk of cancer in people with diabetes is higher for women than men, a new study finds. Previous research identified the link between diabetes and cancer risk, but this study looked at whether that risk differs between men and women. The takeaway: Among people with diabetes, women have a 6 percent higher risk […]

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Jul20Later-Life Fractures Up Risk of Early Death

Later-Life Fractures Up Risk of Early Death

A broken bone in older age may increase your risk of death for the next 10 years, researchers say. “A fracture is the starting point for much wider health issues that persist long after the fracture has healed, and can ultimately result in earlier death,” said study author Jacqueline Center, who’s with the Garvan Institute […]

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Jul20Daily Low-Dose Aspirin May Be Weapon Against Ovarian Cancer

Daily Low-Dose Aspirin May Be Weapon Against Ovarian Cancer

One low-dose aspirin a day could help women avoid ovarian cancer or boost their survival should it develop, two new studies suggest. In fact, daily low-dose aspirin — the type many older women already take to help their hearts — was tied to a 10 percent reduction in developing ovarian cancer. It was also tied […]

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Jul20Health Highlights: July 20, 2018

Health Highlights: July 20, 2018

EPA Should Boost Oversight of State Drinking Water Systems: Report Salmonella Outbreak in 26 States Linked to Raw Turkey Products

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Jul20Health Tip: Help Prevent Bone Fractures

Health Tip: Help Prevent Bone Fractures

(HealthDay News) — More than 53 million people in the United States have osteoporosis or are at higher risk due to low bone mass, the U.S. National Institutes of Health says. If you’re at greater risk of osteoporosis, how can you reduce your chances of developing a bone fracture? Here are the agency’s suggestions: Help […]

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Jul20Health Tip: Treating Spider Bites

Health Tip: Treating Spider Bites

(HealthDay News) — Most spider bites do not fully penetrate human skin, so they tend to only cause a mild reaction. But if the bite is from a brown recluse spider or a black widow, it will cause a much more serious reaction that requires immediate care, the Nemours Foundation says. If you suspect a […]

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Jul19Selecting a Personal Trainer

Selecting a Personal Trainer

A personal trainer can design an exercise program to meet your fitness goals, keep you motivated and adapt your training as you progress. But your first step is finding a qualified professional. While there aren’t any national standards or minimum requirements for someone to call themselves a personal trainer, asking the right questions will help […]

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