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Dec13Surmounting That Fitness Plateau

Surmounting That Fitness Plateau

Just as there are diet plateaus, you can hit the wall with exercise, too — no longer seeing results from your efforts and then losing motivation. According to the experts at the American Council on Exercise, a plateau is often a sign that your body has adapted to the specific workout you’re doing and needs […]

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Dec13The Right Way to Fuel Up Before Workouts

The Right Way to Fuel Up Before Workouts

Mom was right when she said no swimming for an hour after lunch. Even though it takes energy to work out, it’s important that exercise doesn’t interfere with digestion. Like Goldilocks, you need just the right amount of food. Eat too much and you might feel sluggish rather than energized. Eat too little, and you […]

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Dec13Anti-Opioid Vaccine Shows Promise in Mice

Anti-Opioid Vaccine Shows Promise in Mice

A vaccine that might help combat the opioid epidemic has performed well in early animal testing, researchers report. The vaccine contains antibodies that are effective against several synthetic opioids, including fentanyl and the even deadlier carfentanil. Tests in mice showed that the vaccine blocked the pain-numbing effects of synthetic opioids and also protected the mice […]

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Dec13Intimacy: The Elusive Fountain of Youth?

Intimacy: The Elusive Fountain of Youth?

People seeking more satisfaction in their later years might find sex is the spice of life, new research suggests. For the study, researchers analyzed survey data from nearly 6,900 older adults, average age 65, in England. The investigators found that those who said they’d had any type of sexual activity in the previous 12 months […]

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Dec13Holidays Hike Heart Attack Risk

Holidays Hike Heart Attack Risk

Whether it’s the stress of choosing the right gift, drinking and eating too much, or fighting with relatives about politics, the holidays can be hard on your heart. In fact, new research from Sweden found the odds of a heart attack jump nearly 40 percent on Christmas Eve. “Traditional holidays were associated with increased risk […]

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Dec13Health Highlights: Dec. 13, 2018

Health Highlights: Dec. 13, 2018

More Cases in Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Recalled Beef U.S. Embassy Staff in Cuba Had Inner Ear Damage: Study

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Dec13Health Tip: Comparing Different Diets

Health Tip: Comparing Different Diets

(HealthDay News) — Diets that stress calorie restriction versus those that stress fasting seem to be all the rage. But what’s the difference? With a calorie-restriction diet, you reduce the number of calories you typically consume in a day. This type of diet should allow you to cut calories without depriving your body of essential […]

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Dec13Health Tip: How Diet and Exercise Affect Cancer Risk

Health Tip: How Diet and Exercise Affect Cancer Risk

(HealthDay News) — Of course, you should quit smoking. But poor diet, being overweight and not getting enough exercise also are risk factors for developing cancer, the American Cancer Society says. Being overweight or obese raises your risk of cancers of the breast, colon, esophagus, pancreas and kidney, the cancer society warns. When it comes […]

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Dec12Health Highlights: Dec. 12, 2018

Health Highlights: Dec. 12, 2018

Some E-Cig Liquids Contain Erectile Dysfunction Drugs: FDA McDonald's to Reduce Antibiotic Use in Beef Jimmy Dean Sausage Links Recalled for Possible Metal Pieces

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Dec12Increase the Calories You Burn When Walking

Increase the Calories You Burn When Walking

Walking is not only a great first exercise, it can also be a forever exercise. Here are some ideas to show you how to take it to the next level. Making walking more of a challenge enables you to burn more calories and raise your working heart rate. You can do this by working out […]

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